Carpentry work to be considered first

DELWP engaged with industry stakeholders, practitioners and the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) to identify criteria to prioritise scopes of work to be considered for registration and licensing based on the need and feasibility of each scope of work to be regulated.

Based on the application of criteria and stakeholder feedback, the Minister for Planning has determined that carpentry will be the first scope of work to be considered for regulation.

Remaining scopes of building work performed by trade contractors and employees will be gradually considered over a five-year period in accordance with a staged implementation plan (below).

Please note: the first set of regulations will implement the new registration and licensing scheme for prescribed carpentry work (implementation stage 1). Implementation stages 2 to 5 will be subject to further regulation and, as a result, implementation dates for these later implementation stages are indicative only.

The following information is contained in a staged implementation plan: Stage 1 Carpentry. Stage 2 Bricklaying and Block laying, Waterproofing, Wall and Floor Tiling, Concreters, Painters & Decorators, Insulation work and Plasterers. Stage 3	Solid plaster

*Application period: A period of one year, after the commencement date for each implementation stage, will be given to apply for provisional registration or a provisional licence. If a person applies during this period they can continue working until their application is decided.

*Provisional registration/licensing period: A provisional registration or licence is a stepping stone to upskill to a full registration or licence. Provisionally registered trade contractors and provisionally licensed employees are expected to upgrade to full registration or a full licence within 5 years. After expiration of 5 years, a full registration or licence is required to carry out the restricted building work.

Next Steps

DELWP is now considering options to implement the new registration and licensing scheme for carpentry work.

An options paper will be released for consultation and there will be opportunities for engagement. Further details will be provided shortly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find the answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the new registration and licensing scheme: