Regional tourism has a significant role to play in creating more jobs for more Victorians, supporting thriving regions and strengthening inclusive communities. That’s why we want to do all we can to provide our regions the best support and opportunities to grow the benefits of visitation and boost local businesses.

In 2019, we undertook a Regional Tourism Review to identify opportunities to increase visitation and economic growth in regional Victoria. The Review identified areas of strong growth in regional tourism and emphasised the strong benefits that tourism is delivering to regional communities - economically, environmentally and culturally.

What we have done so far

In 2019, the Special Adviser Mary-Anne Thomas MP and the Regional Tourism Review team travelled across the state to meet with the people in regional Victoria.The Review consulted broadly – including with local businesses, industry leaders, local government, Regional Tourism Boards, regional partnerships, Traditional Owners, community groups and residents.

Where to from here

It will take sustained commitment and a collaborative effort between government and industry over many years to unlock the significant potential benefits of tourism for our regions and government has made a start.

We will continue working across government, with the Victoria Tourism Industry Council, Regional Tourism Boards, local government and with local industry and communities to determine how best to help regional tourism rebuild and then grow across Victoria.

The current coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis has heavily impacted the industry, compounding the effects of the bushfires. The Review provides us with new insights and learnings to help inform a Visitor Economy Recovery and Reform Strategy for Victoria.

Consultation Findings and Future Directions

The Review team would like to thank the community and stakeholders for their interest, ideas and ongoing support for the Review. Your insights and contributions have been invaluable in developing recommendations for the future of regional tourism in Victoria.

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These are Victoria’s twelve current tourism regions, set in consultation with Tourism Research Australia for the purposes of data collection and dissemination, and reflect existing Regional Tourism Board boundaries. The way that some regions are grouped together for tourism purposes is a focus of the Discussion Paper.

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Questions about Regional Tourism

We want to hear your views about how we can realise the potential of tourism for regional Victoria.

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