The Loddon Mallee region covers an area of nearly 59,000 square kilometers in the North West of Victoria. It follows the Murray River from Mildura to Echuca, and down through the goldfields to the Macedon Ranges. There are a number of renewable energy projects already in operation across the region such as the Gannawarra Solar Farm, currently the largest combined battery and solar power plant in Australia. There are also many community groups working on projects from pumped hydro to bioenergy.

The Loddon Mallee Renewable Energy Roadmap is working with individuals, businesses, communities, and government to build a vision for the region in the renewable energy transition and to capitalise on the transformation of our electricity system.

How to get involved

We are arranging a number of activities over the coming months to ensure that you can have your say. You can:

1. Take our survey below and go in the draw to win one of ten $100 vouchers for your local supermarket or hardware shop.

2. Come and chat with us at one of our listening posts.

3. Join in one of our workshops happening across the region between July and September.

Take our survey

1. Are you responding to this survey as:
3. Which of these best describes where you live/work?
4. How important do you believe it is to use the renewable energy resources that are available in the Loddon Mallee?
5. What renewable energy technologies would you like to see being used in the Loddon Mallee region? (select one or more)
6. How important do you think it is for the region’s future that:
Not at all important
Slightly important
Moderately important
Very important
Don’t know
Households and businesses can generate and use their own power
People share/trade energy with one another across a network
Towns and local areas generate their own secure electricity supply
Large power plants supply electricity to everyone across the state
7. Do you think there could be any advantages to having increased renewable energy generation in your local area?
8. Do you think there could be any disadvantages to having increased renewable energy generation in your local area?
9. If new medium and large-scale renewable energy generation projects were to be proposed in your local area, which of the following statements do you think it is most important for the project to deliver? (select up to 3)

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.