The uptake of renewable energy in Hume region has the potential for significant economic, social and environmental benefits. The Hume Roadmap will help identify these opportunities with our communities who have strong ties to this region .

Completing our survey will help the Hume Roadmap represent the voice of the community, its values, identify local barriers and issues, and what the community expects from the renewable energy transition.

Survey Question

DELWP has heard from the communities of the Hume region the following core values about a renewable energy future. Of the following statements how strongly do you agree or disagree with them?
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree
Energy justice (fair and equitable access to energy) is an important part of a renewable energy future
Renewable energy helps take action on climate change
Renewable energy will lower energy costs
Renewable energy will create local economic benefits (jobs)
Having more control over your own renewable energy is important
Renewable energy is more than just electricity, for example it also includes bioenergy and hydrogen.
Landscapes values like views and other land uses like agriculture and biodiversity are important to consider when building solar or wind farms
What do you see as barriers to a renewable energy future?
Of the following groups which represents you best? (Please select.)

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.