The Barwon South West (BSW) Renewable Energy Roadmap will empower local communities to have a say in the transition to renewable energy.

The project aims to:

  • Define the community vision/aspirations in transitioning to renewable energy in the Barwon South West region
  • Identify regional opportunities and challenges for renewable energy development
  • Understand the existing renewable energy activities in the region.
  • The project will provide opportunities for the community to be part of developing the BSW Renewable Energy Roadmap and maximise the regional benefits from the renewable energy transition.

    Get involved

    To develop the Barwon South West Renewable Energy Roadmap we asked for your input to complete this community survey. Our survey is now closed and we appreciate everyone who took the time to provide a response.
    1. Are you responding to this survey as:
    3. Which of these best describes where you live/work? Please select one
    4. How important do you believe it is to utilise renewable energy resources that are available in the Barwon South West region?
    5. How often does your home or business experience electricity-grid supply issues (brownout or blackout)?
    7. How would you rate the words you listed above?
    8. Assuming it is technically feasible and cost effective, would you like the Barwon South West region to be:
    9. When would you like to see this target reached?
    1. Rooftop solar PV for homes/business #
    2. Micro grids and embedded networks #
    3. Solar farms #
    4. Wave and tidal energy #
    5. Wind energy (on shore) #
    6. Wind energy (off shore) #
    7. Small-scale hydropower #
    8. Pumped-hydro storage #
    9. Bioenergy from waste (e.g. animal, crop and household waste) #
    10. Bioenergy from any source #
    11. Residential/business batteries #
    12. Large-scale (grid) batteries #

    On mobile you can select by pressing the options in order of your preference.

    1. Households and businesses generate and use their own power #
    2. People share/trade energy with one another across a network #
    3. Communities own renewable energy generation #
    4. Towns and local areas have their own secure electricity supply #
    5. Large power plants supply electricity to everyone across the state #
    6. We are as energy efficient as possible #
    7. Communities own energy retail companies #
    8. A hybrid system containing all of these features #
    13. Regarding the scale of renewable energy generation facilities, which would you prefer? (Please select one or more)
    14. If new medium and large-scale renewable energy generation projects were to be proposed in your local area, how important do you think it is that the project delivers the following?
    very important
    not important
    don't know
    Local employment opportunities and support for local businesses
    Good relationships with the local community, including opportunities for input
    Increases in the reliability and efficiency of electricity supply
    Reductions in pollution, helping to address climate change
    Offers of sponsorship to local community groups
    Community grants funds for which local community initiatives and groups can apply
    Opportunities for the community to invest in and/or own the project
    Local training opportunities
    More affordable electricity
    Direct benefits to neighbours close to the project
    Greater community control over electricity supply
    Greater regional sustainability and resilience
    Regional economic development
    16. Do you think there would be any disadvantages to having increased renewable energy generation in your local area?
    17. If you are interested in investing in local renewable energy facilities. How much would you consider investing providing it offered a sound business case?

    If you choose to leave contact details we'll keep you up to date with the project. Your personal details will not be passed on to any commercial interests.

    The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.