Proposed Regional Parks

Continuing a long tradition of open space planning for Greater Melbourne, the Victorian Government has committed to delivering three new metropolitan parks in Melbourne’s growth corridors to ensure the future liveability for communities in these emerging areas.

The Minister for Planning appointed the Regional Parks Standing Advisory Committee in November 2017 to provide advice to the Minister about the suitability of changes to planning provisions to facilitate the delivery of regional parks in Victoria.

On 21 March 2018, the Minister for Planning referred the following regional park proposals:

Read more about the project here.

Project Stages

  • Timeline item 1


    Make a submission during this period and attending the public information sessions to find out more.

  • Timeline item 2

    Public Information Sessions

    The Public Information Sessions will provide an opportunity to learn more about the proposals and ask questions. The purpose of these sessions is not to make a submission.

  • Timeline item 3

    Directions Hearing

    A Directions Hearing will be held after submissions have closed. You should attend the Directions Hearing if:

    • you are unfamiliar with the Panel process and wish to participate in the Public Hearing process
    • you have questions about the Panel process or wish to raise any procedural issues.

    The purpose of the Directions Hearing is generally to make arrangements for the running of the Hearing, set dates for the exchange of information, including expert evidence, and sometimes arrange a site visit.

  • Timeline item 4

    Public Hearing

    The Public Hearing is carried out by the Advisory Committee and provides all submitters with an opportunity to be heard.

  • Timeline item 5


    The Commtitee will submit its final report to the Minister for Planning within 40 business days from the last Hearing date including recommendations about the proposals.

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