Where is the project up to?

In November-December 2020, we engaged with the community about Melbourne’s Climate Journey Discussion Paper (see Links and Resources). This was the initial step toward developing a Regional Climate Change Adaptation Strategy for Greater Melbourne (the Strategy).

The project team is currently considering this feedback, which will guide the development of the Regional Climate Change Adaptation Strategy for Greater Melbourne.

This community-focused approach means the Strategy will be tailored for the Greater Melbourne community.

Consultation Summary

Thank you for your input

We received 329 contributions to the Melbourne’s Climate Journey Discussion Paper in late 2020. This information was contributed via the 'values map' and the 'have your say page' on this site.

To learn more about what we heard, see the below snapshot infographic and summary report.


The Victorian Government has provided $9.3 million in funding for the development of six Regional Climate Change Adaptation Strategies (Strategies) across Victoria. These Strategies will provide an opportunity to identify and prioritise actions for the next five years.

By developing the Strategies at a regional level, communities impacted are able to directly feed into the Strategy's development by telling us where climate change adaptation challenges, issues and concerns are - at a local level.

We need to start identifying ways to adapt early to save costs and hardships, and work towards solutions.

Finding ways to cope with extreme weather impacts and other consequences of climate change is generally referred to as ‘Adaptation’, whereas ‘Mitigation’ refers to finding ways to reduce our emissions. Both approaches are important but for this discussion we are focused on ‘Adaptation’ or building our resilience, and preparing our industries, communities and environments to be able to thrive with the future climate.

We want this strategy to be community-led, please read on to see how you can get involved.

How is Greater Melbourne's climate changing?

Climate projections for Greater Melbourne indicate that temperatures will continue to increase; there will be more frequent and longer heat waves, increased severity and duration of bushfires, worsening air pollution, less frosts and a decline in rainfall. We can expect more extreme weather events including bushfires, severe storms, storm surges and heavy rainfall events. Sea levels are expected to continue rising, resulting in increased risk of coastal erosion and inundation.

Climate change is affecting us in many ways. We need to make significant adjustments to how we:

  • Build resilience into our infrastructure
  • Support our vulnerable groups of people
  • Do business
  • Keep ourselves safe
  • Interact as a society