Maritime Safety Victoria (MSV), Victoria's safety regulator for maritime activities, is proposing a new waterway rule for personal watercraft (PWC) operators in shoreline areas of Port Phillip Bay.

A PWC includes jet skis, wave runners and similar vessels that have an engine used for propulsion, fully enclosed hull, don’t retain water and are operated by standing, kneeling or sitting astride.

The proposed rule - drafted following consultation with enforcement partners, councils, and industry - is intended to improve safety for PWC riders, swimmers and other vessel operators in Port Phillip Bay.

The proposed rule would prohibit irregular riding of PWCs in Shared Zones, and would require PWC operators to navigate the vessel in a direct line through Shared Zones. This is intended to help other waterway users predict the path of the PWC.

To have your say on the proposed waterway rule, please review the Consultation Paper and complete the survey below.

All feedback will be taken into account when deciding whether the rule will be implemented. MSV will then publish its Reasons for Decision on the MSV website (transportsafety.vic.gov.au/maritime-safety) and Engage Victoria.

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