The Corrections Act 1986 (Corrections Act) provides the legislative basis for the delivery of correctional services by Corrections Victoria. While the Corrections Act sets out most of the framework for how correctional services are regulated, the Corrections Regulations 2019 (Current Regulations) prescribe key matters under the Corrections Act that enable the effective operation of the framework.

In Victoria, regulations automatically expire after 10 years. This process is referred to as ‘sunsetting’. The process provides an opportunity to revisit existing regulations and examine whether they are still required, and if so, whether there are ways to improve them.

The previous Regulations, the Corrections Regulations 2009, expired on 28 April 2019. The Current Regulations replaced the 2009 Regulations.

An exposure draft of the Current Regulations and a Discussion Paper to explain the specific policy changes were released in March 2019, followed by a consultation period. Thank you to those who submitted their feedback.

The Current Regulations are substantially a rewrite of the 2009 Regulations, with technical changes and language updates that enhances the transparency and accountability of the Regulations.