The Office of the Information Commissioner (OVIC) has published a discussion paper on proactive and informal release of information in the Victorian public sector.

Proactive and informal release of information involves Victorian public sector agencies providing access to information outside of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Vic) (FOI Act), either proactively published or in response to a request.

Proactive and informal release are important information access mechanisms that are consistent with the object of the FOI Act. Releasing information proactively and informally allows the public to more easily access government information with less formality and expense than under the FOI Act.

By publishing this discussion paper, OVIC is seeking to better understand the practices and experiences of Victorian public sector agencies with proactive and informal release to explore how OVIC can better assist agencies.

Specifically, the aim of this discussion paper is to:

  • determine whether agencies are proactively and/or informally releasing information in response to, or outside of, FOI requests;
  • identify the tools and resources used by agencies that successfully and consistently release information proactively and/or informally;
  • better understand the factors that affect how agencies proactively and/or informally release information and identify how OVIC can better support and assist agencies; and
  • generate discussion within agencies about proactive and informal access to information.

Read OVIC’s practice notes on Proactive release of information and Informal release of information.

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This discussion paper is directed at Victorian agencies subject to the FOI Act. However, OVIC welcomes submissions from anyone interested in providing comments on proactive and informal release of information in Victoria.

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