The Victorian Government is investing in Plenty Gorge Park, through providing a link in the Plenty River Trail, upgrading Hawkstowe Picnic Area and uplifting Nioka Bush Camp.

We’re investing in Plenty Gorge Park, through:

  • providing a link in the Plenty River Trail ($19.3million)
  • upgrading Hawkstowe Picnic Area ($800,000) and
  • uplifting Nioka Bush Camp ($383,500)

The investment into Plenty Gorge will activate the park, and offer visitors diverse experiences to walk, ride, play and stay in this beautiful bushland to Melbourne’s north.

Located on Wurundjeri Country, Plenty Gorge Park offers a range of natural and cultural experiences just 20kms from Melbourne.

This public consultation closed on 13 December 2020. Thank you to everyone who took the time to contribute their feedback and ideas. A report of community engagement findings is being prepared, and stage 2 consultation is planned for May 2021.

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Plenty River Trail

Planning is underway for the new Plenty River Trail that will deliver the missing link in between University Hill (Bundoora) in the south and Doreen in the north. It will also link to the new Mernda and Hawkstowe railway stations and enhance community access into Plenty Gorge Park.

This $19.3 million investment is part of the Suburban Parks Program which will connect local communities and visitors with Plenty Gorge Park.

Previous consultation findings as part of the 2018 Master Plan can be viewed at: https://engage.vic.gov.au/plenty-gorge-park-draft-master-plan

Community Information Session Presentation


Vision for the Trail

What is your vision for the Plenty River Trail?

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10 December, 2020

Andrew says:

“Interlinking our trail network with a complete Ring via the creation of original Maroondah Aqueduct Trail using the heritage easement.”

10 December, 2020

Andrew says:

“Interconnecting Plenty River Trail using the Maroondah Aqueduct easement from Diamond Creek trail Allendale Rd to Preston at the Water Towr”

9 December, 2020

Tracey says:

“Respect the land and the animals, make it easy for visitors to be better environmentalists. ”

28 November, 2020

AO says:

“A connection to the Apollo parkways area of Greensborough - a proper crossing at the current pipe-bridge and all weather shared pathways.”

28 November, 2020

NormC says:

“Connectivity of this Plenty River Trail North (Bridge In Rd to M80) to the Plenty River Trail South (M80 to Yarra River) ”

25 November, 2020

Chris says:

“As @Sahan said, let's not miss the opportunity to connect the Apollo Parkways Trail to this one; one well placed bridge would open up access”

25 November, 2020

Sahan says:

“It would be a great idea if the Plenty River Trail in Apollo Parkways, Greensborough connected with the existing path in Bundoora”

19 November, 2020

Roz says:

“The trail should include horse riding please”

18 November, 2020

Mick says:

“It would be great to see a bike/pedestrian access across the historical pipe bridge linking the Plenty River Trail in Apollo Parkways”

18 November, 2020

Lili says:

“I would like entrances along the way. I live in Mill Park Blossom Park side. Will the fences come down and the pathway goes along the edge. ”

18 November, 2020

RM says:

“Strongly recommend that surfaces should also consider the impact on integrated water management &/or drainage systems for stormwater runoff”

15 November, 2020

Vader says:

“I think that since it is a fire danger zone it should have more entry and exit gate points added to be able to quickly exit in an emergency”

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