Plenty Gorge Park is a large Metropolitan park located 20km north of Melbourne. The park offers dramatic landscape, recreational opportunities, and significant flora and fauna and cultural heritage values. The area surrounding the park has experienced rapid urban growth since its establishment.

Parks Victoria has prepared a new master plan to guide the future of Plenty Gorge and to ensure the park meets the increasing needs of this growing community, while continuing to protect and enhance the unique natural and cultural values of the park.

How to participate

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Feedback survey

This survey will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete and is made up of the following four parts:

  • Part 1: Improving access and connections.
  • Part 2: Increasing park awareness and involvement.
  • Part 3: Enhancing special places and experiences.
  • Part 4: General questions and about you.

Please note: Parts 1-3 include questions about the priority actions from the draft master plan, which are explained in both the summary document, and the draft Master Plan.

Master Plan Objective 1 - Improve access and connections

1a. Completing the Plenty River Trail

A key proposal in the plan is to build the remaining section of the Plenty River Trail, a shared cycling and walking trail from Doreen in the north to University Hill in the south. The trail will allow visitors to discover and explore the park and will provide a link to the future Hawkstowe and Mernda railway stations.

1b. New River Crossings

The draft master plan proposes five potential new bridge. Two of these are proposed as priority actions as they provide river crossing access in both the north and south ends of the park utilising the existing pipe-track bridge infrastructure.

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1c. Reviewing the fenceline

A fence currently exists around and near Tanunda Wetlands to protect native wildlife from cats and dogs. The draft master plan proposes a review of the fence, including installation of new gates in 7 locations to allow for visitor access.

Do you agree with the proposal to review the fence?

1d. Additional comments

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Master Plan Objective 2 - Increase park awareness and involvement

2a. Developing a 'Wayfinding and Interpretation' stategy

The draft master plan proposes development of a wayfinding and interpretation strategy to increase awareness about the park, and help visitors find their way into and around the park.

For example, directional signage, digital content, better promotion of the park, educational activities or information

2b. Developing a Mountain Bike Trail Plan

A mountain bike trail plan is being developed to formalise a section of the current unauthorised trail network. The aim is to provide a genuine trail option for riders, while improving safety for all park users, and protecting other areas of significant environmental and cultural value.

2c. Additional comments

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Master Plan Objective 3 - Enhance special places and experiences

3a. Updating the Hawkstowe Picnic Area

The draft master plan proposes to update Hawkstowe Picnic Area as the park's key location for community activities and events. This will include improved picnic facilities, playground, trails, and a new park entrance.

3b. Moving the Blue Lake facilities to Yellow Gum

The draft master plan proposes to move the Blue Lake facilities (car park and picnic facilities) for improved safety and surveillance, to a new Yellow Gum visitor site (off Goldworthy Lane) including picnic facilities, parking, BBQs, toilets and trails.

3c. Upgrade Tanunda Wetlands

A small visitor area is proposed near Tanunda Wetlands including picnic tables, walking trails and a small car park.

3d. Upgrades to Middle Gorge

The draft master plan proposes to upgrade Middle Gorge as the prime location to view the gorge, with improved picnic areas, walking trails and a small car park.

3e. Additional comments

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Part 4: General questions and about you

Overall support for the draft plan

To help us understand if we have got it right, what is your overall level of support for the draft master plan?

Which of the following best describes you?
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