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Golf is one of Victoria’s most popular organised recreational activities. More than 300,000 Victorians played golf in 2015 at 374 golf courses across the state.

But golf is in transition, and facing a number of challenges such as changing demographic and participation trends. Club memberships are in decline, and it is difficult for clubs to meet escalating operational costs. These challenges have seen some clubs fold, merge or relocate.

Plan Melbourne is our 35 year strategy for a sustainable Melbourne. It includes an action to develop a state-wide golf facilities plan.

This strategy will help golf navigate the issues facing the sport, such as pressure to rezone golf course land for residential use. The strategy will support golf to be sustainable and grow into the future.

We are seeking feedback on the discussion paper, which will inform the final strategy.

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The discussion paper contains ideas for transitioning golf facilities to support increased participation and building the capacity of golf clubs. It proposes facility design guidelines for golf courses and a decision framework for considering planning proposals on golf course land.

The discussion paper summarises five challenges facing golf in Victoria - participation, membership, supply and demand, land use, and governance.

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Written submissions about the discussion paper closed Monday 14 August 2017.

Submissions and survey responses made by individuals are confidential, and will not be published. They will be held by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning. Submissions will be reviewed and incorporated into the strategy provided to the Minister for Planning, where appropriate.

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We'd like to understand you level of support for 15 ideas across five themes from the Discussion Paper.

Theme 1 - Participation

1. Participation Idea 1: Train local clubs to deliver participation and inclusion programs
2. Participation Idea 2: Partner new initiatives and embrace new technology in local golf courses
3. Participation Idea 3: Support new golf business on golf course land

Theme 2 - Membership

4. Membership Idea 1: Adopt a regional approach to providing golf membership and programs
5. Membership Idea 2: Improve usage data on golf courses
6. Membership Idea 3: Open up golf courses to everyone

Theme 3 - Supply and Demand

7. Supply and Demand Idea 1: Adopt a regional, strategic and partnership approach to providing golf facilities
8. Supply and Demand Idea 2: Golf Victoria lead a regional approach with local clubs and local councils to offer varied golf course types
9. Supply and Demand Idea 3: Develop a Facility Design Guidelines to inform development and management of golf courses

Theme 4 - Land Use

10. Land Use Idea 1: The Victorian Government maintains the existing Urban Growth Boundary to protect green wedges; and a planning decision framework for golf course land development proposals be designed
11. Land Use Idea 2: Rationalise golf courses with competing membership catchments; and assess alternative use for surplus golf course land
12. Land Use Idea 3: Adopt the SAGCA Sustainable Golf Course Design resource as Practice Guidelines for golf course design and management

Theme 5 - Governance

13. Governance Idea 1: Deliver a state-wide training and club support program for golf clubs
14. Governance Idea 2: Regional golf forums between Golf Victoria districts, clubs and local government
15. Governance Idea 3: Develop the national home of golf and centre of excellence

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