Parents and Carers Survey

Thanks for filling in this survey. As part of the Oakleigh Education Plan, the Department of Education and Training wants to find out how we can improve and promote local secondary schools to future students and their parents. Your feedback and comments are really important, and will help us to develop the Oakleigh Education Plan and shape the future of education in Oakleigh and surrounding areas.

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Where do your children/does your child go to primary school? (Please select all that apply)
Where do your children/does your child go to secondary school? (Please select all that apply)
What influenced your choice of school for your child/children? (Please select three)
What is the most important thing to you now about your school/s? (Please select three)
Did you consider South Oakleigh College as an option for your child/children?
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  1. Science Technology Engineering Maths (STEM) #
  2. Science Technology Engineering Arts Maths (STEAM) #
  3. Arts program #
  4. Drama program #
  5. Cultural exchange #
  6. Music program #
  7. Sports program #
  8. Student support #
  9. Languages-bilingual school #
  10. VCAL - Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning #
  11. Future skills-enterprise, globalisation, problem solving #
  12. SEAL - Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program #
  13. None of these would influence my choice of school #
How does your child/children currently travel to and from school? ( Please select all that apply)

If your child/children currently attend South Oakleigh College, please fill in the questions below.

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