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The Northern Metropolitan Partnership is seeking your feedback to help shape Melbourne’s North for the future.

If you are a person aged between 15-25 years or if you work for an agency or organisation that works with young people, please share your story or your idea for change below.

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In 2018, we heard that some of the top priorities for the North were getting around, finding work and staying healthy. This year, the Partnership is focusing on hearing from the region’s young people and their ideas around these priorities. The Partnership would like to develop a regional voice for young people in the North to bring the priorities of young people to government. Your experiences will help guide government decision making on services and investment in the region for young people.

Hearing individual stories can be a catalyst for change.

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We will use your views to shape decisions

We want to hear directly from young people on what is important for you to feel more connected and part of a community. We also want to hear from people and organisations that work with young people. Your insights and experiences will be used by the Partnership to develop an advice paper for the Victorian Government to assist in key decision-making processes in 2019-20.

Individual stories can be the catalyst for change.

How can we help more young people to succeed?

We know that when young people don’t feel understood by their peers, or their communities there are impacts on their participation in school, training and work and poorer health outcomes for individuals especially around mental health and anxiety. What should we be doing that we aren’t doing to help young people participate in their community?

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10 October, 2019

RN says:

“I believe that creating positive connections and networks to support young people is really important. Quality mentoring too is key.”

About Our Partnership

The Northern Metropolitan Partnership is an advisory group established by the Victorian Government. The Partnership is a way for local communities to engage directly with state and local governments and advise the Victorian Government of the top priorities for jobs, services and infrastructure across the region. This advice will become part of government’s key decision-making processes.

Following engagement with its community throughout 2018, the Northern Metropolitan Partnership has developed its advice to the Victorian Government on the regional priorities for the Northern region. The Partnership's advice to the Victorian Government for 2018 included:

Jobs and Investment Attract investment and create more local jobs to improve regional prosperity and liveability for all.

Transport and Infrastructure – Improve connectivity and accessibility within the region to ease congestion and support participation for all.

Health and Wellbeing Improve health and wellbeing by increased access to affordable primary health services that cater to everyone in our community with a focus on early intervention.

Lifelong Learning Supporting a seamless approach to lifelong learning for all ages, resulting in a more skilled, work-ready, employed, resilient and connected community.

Environmental Sustainability Protect and enhance the quality of the regions natural assets, promote the use of renewable energy and improve connection to nature and open spaces.

Connected Young People - To build a strong and resilient region where young people have a voice, feel connected to their communities, are healthy and respected, and where diversity thrives

What we heard in 2018

At the 2018 Metropolitan Partnership Youth Forum, over 120 young people from across Melbourne came together to discuss issues that mattered most to them. The Partnership heard some of the challenges facing the North were – getting around, finding work and staying healthy. This year, the Northern Partnership is focussing on young people. Check out the video below to see last year’s Youth Forum

Photo Gallery

Photos taken at our 2018 events

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