Final design announced

After a two-week consultation period in October, we’re pleased to announce that Option 5 is the winning water pressure reducing station (PRS) as chosen by the community.

This design features charcoal palisade (paling) fencing and will be surrounded by native plantings, helping it to blend into its surrounds.

Works to build the PRS will start in November and are expected to be finished early next year. We will continue to work closely with Banyule City Council, Melbourne Water and Yarra Valley Water as we deliver this important piece of infrastructure.


We’re relocating a water pressure reducing station (PRS) on the corner of Borlase Street and Drysdale Street about 250 metres into the reserve at Coleen Street, Yallambie, as part of early works on the North East Link.

A water pressure reducing station is an essential piece of infrastructure that ensures water is transported safely through the pipe network, at the correct pressures, to local homes and businesses.

Five designs have been developed for the new PRS and now we want you to decide which option you prefer, keeping in mind which best reflects the character of the local landscape.

Each option follows the North East Link Urban Design Strategy and has been developed in consultation with Melbourne Water and Banyule City Council, to adhere to strict safety and operational requirements.

The most popular design selected will be the final design for the new water pressure reducing station, ready for works to begin in November this year.

Learn more about each design by viewing the images below and choose your preferred design by completing the survey under the list of design options. You can also find out more by reading our frequently asked questions.

Design options

Choose your preferred fencing colour and vegetation option to surround the water pressure reducing station. All vegetation species have been selected based on qualities such as shallow root systems, drought tolerance and low maintenance, to ensure they provide natural screening in the years to come.

Option 1: Chain mesh fence, black, with vegetation

Option 2: Chain mesh fence, grey, with vegetation

Option 3: Chain mesh, black, no vegetation

Option 4: Palisade fence (paling), black, with vegetation

Option 5: Palisade fence (paling), charcoal, with vegetation

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