In 2022, three-year-old children across Victoria will be able to attend at least five hours of funded kindergarten a week. It’s a significant milestone on the road to a 15-hour per week, state-wide program for Victorian children by 2029. And it’s teachers and educators who will make it a success.

The Victorian Government has a broad-reaching strategy to support the attraction, retention, and quality of the early childhood workforce. This includes investment in a $174.2 million workforce package to attract and retain staff and support high-quality kindergarten programs.

A new policy paper Working Together to Build Victoria’s Early Childhood Education Workforce, invites all sector stakeholders to be part of the next stage of Victoria’s early childhood workforce strategy.

We want to work with the early childhood sector to strengthen our collective efforts and affirm our priorities for supporting the workforce into the future. We want to hear about roles and responsibilities, innovation across the sector and ideas for new partnerships that will support and grow the workforce.

Sector stakeholders include early childhood teachers and educators, kindergarten services and providers, employer peak bodies, unions, vocational education and higher education providers and all levels of government.

How to participate

You can access and read the policy paper in the document library and then provide your feedback via the questions below by 30 June 2021. Other questions and case studies are included throughout the policy paper to help stimulate ideas.

Next steps

Your feedback will help to inform the next steps in our early childhood workforce strategy, which will be released later in 2021. If you have questions or would like to discuss your feedback further, please email us at earlychildhood.workforce@education.vic.gov.au.

We have created a survey reflecting the themes and questions asked within the policy paper. Read through each section and provide your feedback. You are not required to provide a response to every option.

Privacy collection notice

This privacy notice outlines how personal information will be collected and used as part of consultation on the next stage of Victoria’s Early childhood workforce strategy (the Consultation).

Any personal, health and sensitive information provided in your survey answers through the Engage Vic platform, as part of the Consultation, will be handled in accordance with the Privacy Data and Protection Act 2014 (Vic) (the PDP Act), the Health Records Act 2001 (Vic) (the HR Act) and the Public Records Act 1973 (Vic).

The purpose of this consultation is to provide the Department of Education and Training (the Department) with detailed information about existing practices and new ideas to enhance the quality and supply of the early childhood workforce ahead of the state-wide roll out of Three-Year-Old Kindergarten in 2022. The Department is undertaking this consultation to ensure the Department gathers the diverse views of all groups.

Participation in the survey is optional and you may choose to answer questions anonymously. This can be done by leaving out any personal identifiable information in your survey responses, and not providing personal information requested on the Engage Vic platform. However, the provision of personal information, including name and email address, as well as your organisational postcode and stakeholder type will assist the Department to better understand the issues raised and whether they are representative of key stakeholder groups and locations.

The information you provide, and your survey answers, will be provided to Departmental staff involved in administering this Consultation, which includes the Workforce Policy and Strategy Division, and other Departmental staff providing support for the Consultation. Your written submissions will be used to inform future collective efforts to support the workforce.

All information collected from a consultation participant will be used for the purposes of the Consultation or where otherwise permitted by law. This information may also be used by the Department for research and evaluation relating to the early childhood workforce strategy and to inform decision making, including policy changes relating to the improvement of the implementation of the early childhood workforce strategy. Aggregated and non-identifiable information from the consultation may be described or summarised in a publicly available update of the workforce strategy paper later in the year.

Your survey responses will not be made publicly available. Any contact information provided will be used for the purpose of clarifying information included in survey answers, to ask follow-up questions or provide updates in relation to this consultation.

A summary report will be prepared for the Department’s use by the Workforce Policy and Strategy Division. This will be based on the survey responses, however, no responses will be directly quoted or attributed to individuals in the report. The report intends to raise the themes discussed in the consultation.

You may choose to provide your email address by using the ‘Register for updates’ form. This information will not be associated with the survey responses. By providing your email address, you authorise the Department to collect and use it for the purpose of updating you about the Strategy.

Department contractors will assist with the consultation process of using Engage Victoria. They will be able to access all data provided through the Engage Victoria Platform. The employee engaged will subject to a Department contract and therefore must handle and access personal information in accordance with Department policies.

The information will be stored in New South Wales and Victoria.

You can request access and correction of your information by contacting the Workforce Policy and Strategy Team at earlychildhood.workforce@education.vic.gov.au

For more information, please see the Department of Education and Training's Information Privacy Policy.

By answering the survey on the Engage Vic platform, I acknowledge that I have read this notice and I understand the Department will be collecting my information on the Engage Vic Platform. I understand that my survey responses:

  • Will be disclosed to the parties as described in this notice
  • Will be included in a report for Departmental use and may be included in a publicly available update in the way described in this notice
  • Will be used for the purposes described in this notice.

(If you have any queries regarding this privacy notice, please contact the Workforce Policy and Strategy Team at earlychildhood.workforce@education.vic.gov.au)