Melbourne's west has an expected population growth of 40 percent over the next 40 years.

To deliver the best possible healthcare to this growing community, the Victorian Government recognises the need for state-of-the-art facilities.

In the 2017-2018 budget, $50 million was provided for infrastructure improvements to Footscray Hospital, together with funding to progress planning for a new hospital.

We want to hear from you

This survey is an opportunity for you to contribute your ideas to help us understand what you see as the priorities for the proposed new Footscray Hospital.

The survey will take anywhere between five and 10 minutes to complete, depending on how many ideas you may have.

We appreciate you providing feedback.

We will also be updating this page with details of other community engagement activities in the area.


This survey will close on Sunday 10 June at 9am.
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5. Have you been a treated at Footscray Hospital in the past 12 months?
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7. What is your connection to Footscray Hospital?
8. If you need to get to the current Footscray Hospital, how would you get there?
9. In an ideal world, what is your preferred transport option to the hospital?
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  1. Outdoor space for patients and visitors #
  2. Spaces for families like playgrounds and BBQs #
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  4. Retail options for gifts and food #
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