Project Overview

In 2018 Development Victoria acquired the 19.2ha site on the corner of Burwood Highway and Scoresby Road, Knoxfield, with the aim to create a vibrant new neighbourhood with a diverse range of sustainable housing options, public open spaces and recreational facilities. The new neighbourhood will reflect Knox’s character and will be integrated with the surrounding community.

What we heard

First phase of engagement Late 2019 - Seeking your views for the new neighbourhood

In late-2019 we asked for your views and aspirations for the new neighbourhood. You said:

  • Enhance existing flora and fauna
  • Improve public access to the new wetland with pathways, seating and viewing platforms
  • Consider bike paths to Blind Creek
  • Manage traffic and parking and consider a second entry/exit point into the site
  • Deliver affordable, quality housing with a focus on sustainable design
  • Consider the needs of downsizers and the elderly in housing design
  • Deliver green, leafy open spaces with high levels of amenity including native trees and grasses

We took this feedback on board to enhance the draft masterplan and design a neighbourhood that best meets the community’s needs.

Second phase of engagement June 2020 - Feedback on the draft Masterplan

Thank you for those who participated in our online community workshops held in June 2020. The workshops provided the opportunity to meet with the project team and provide feedback on the draft Masterplan.

There were some questions that were frequently asked across all sessions. We've included these and the answers in two Frequently Asked Questions documents:

Frequently Asked Questions - Knoxfield draft Masterplan

Frequently Asked Questions - Knoxfield proposed wetlands

We have also developed a webinar on the options considered for the proposed wetlands. You can view it here.

We are currently reviewing all feedback received on the draft Masterplan.

Following this, we will begin preparing our subdivision planning permit application for the project and this is planned to be lodged to Knox City Council in late 2020.

We will continue to meet with the Community Working Group throughout 2020 and will update the community on our progress.

Feedback on the draft Masterplan June 2020

In June 2020 we sought your feedback on the draft Masterplan.

We held four online workshops where you were able to meet the project team and tell us what you think.

  • Saturday 20 June 9.00am - registration closed.
  • Saturday 20 June 10.30am - registration closed.
  • Thursday 25 June 2:00pm - registration closed.
  • Thursday 25 June 3.30pm - registration closed.

If you were unable to attend, please email us at or call us on 1800 659 116 to provide your feedback.

We are seeking nominations from the local community for a Community Working Group (CWG). The group will play an important role in shaping this new neighbourhood and delivering a great outcome for the site.

The draft Terms of Reference for the CWG can be viewed here. The draft Terms of Reference seeks to clarify the role of members. It will be amended and/or agreed to by Development Victoria and the group once it is established.

If you would like to become a member of the CWG, please express your interest by completing the Expression of Interest form before 26 June 2020.

We will review the expressions of interest and advise applicants by 10 July 2020. The first meeting is expected be held online in July 2020.

Using the information below, you can find out more about the draft Masterplan, plans for the new wetland, and tell us what you think by taking our survey.

The draft Masterplan

The draft Masterplan will guide how the new neighbourhood will be developed. It includes details about the residential neighbourhood, the public open spaces and the new improved wetland.

The image shows the Knoxfield draft Masterplan. The image shows The residential area with a diverse range of dwellings all of which will have off-street parking. The image also shows multiple public open space and recreational spaces, the new wetland whic
The image shows an illustration of the new wetland. The new wetland has three waterbodies which include a sedimentation pond, a stormwater treatment wetland with reed beds and tall marsh which is good for Blue-billed Duck breeding and an open-water wetlan

Knoxfield wetland illustration - indicative only

The new wetland

Central to the design will be an improved wetland area with enhanced habitat for the endangered Blue-billed duck and other species. The new wetland is set to transform this site and will provide many benefits not only to the existing habitat but also to the local community.

Construction will be carefully staged so wildlife will have continual access to a waterbody throughout the process. After the first phase of the improved wetland is established, the existing dam will be partially filled and redeveloped as part of an overall water retardation, filtration and habitat system.

Detailed assessments by expert hydrologists have continued to determine that the existing dam:

  • Is structurally unsound and at risk of collapse. This has been particularly noted during recent flooding of the dam throughout April and May 2020.
  • Does not provide for stormwater treatment and water retardation. This means untreated stormwater continues to flow directly into Blind Creek and is a flood risk to the adjacent light industrial area, which is lower than the dam.
  • Is very deep with steep banks and if someone were to fall in, it may be difficult for them to get out easily and safely.

Key features of the new wetland include:

  • An enhanced habitat for the endangered Blue-billed duck and other species, resulting in a better overall environmental outcome for residents of the area.
  • An improvement to the water quality and available breeding habitat for local species through targeted planting which is currently absent at the existing dam. This includes planting dense vegetation and reed beds with the Blue-billed duck in mind.
  • A range of settling, sediment and water retention ponds to treat stormwater, mitigate flooding and protect Blind Creek.
  • The new wetland will ensure the area is safe and not at risk of collapse which is a high possibility for the existing dam.
  • A public pathway through the wetland to Blind Creek which will create a new recreational link to the area that is safe for people and wildlife.
  • The potential for viewing platforms and informational signage on the types of vegetation incorporated and the wetland systems in use.
  • All works associated with the new wetland will be guided by technical experts.

Next Steps

Following this phase of engagement, we will consider the local community’s feedback into the Masterplan.

Following this, we will begin preparing our subdivision planning permit application for the project and this is planned to be lodged to Knox City Council in late 2020. We anticipate construction on the project will begin in mid-late 2021 (subject to a range of approvals).

We will continue to meet with the Community Working Group throughout 2020 and will update the community on our progress.

Collection Notice

Development Victoria will collect your personal information (IP address and name and email if you register for updates) through this form for the purposes to help us understand your feedback about the Knoxfield development. We will also use your personal information to keep you up to date about the project via emails and fact sheets. We will not disclose your personal information without your consent, except where required to do so by law. If you do not wish to provide your personal information we will not be able to add you to our mailing list or identify your submission if you wish to access it, make a correction or require technical support. You may contact us to request access to your personal information, or for other concerns regarding the privacy of your personal information at:

General Counsel Development Victoria
Level 9, 8 Exhibition Street
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Ph: 03 8317 3400