The Victorian Government is seeking feedback on proposals for a new animal welfare Act.

The new Act would replace the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986 (POCTA Act).

The POCTA Act is currently the main piece of animal welfare legislation in Victoria. While the POCTA Act has supported Victoria’s reputation for a high standard of animal welfare for more than 30 years, the legislation is outdated and has become complex. Some parts do not work in practice as well as they could.

Many of the proposals here aim to improve existing provisions under the POCTA Act. Some would introduce new features into Victoria’s main animal welfare legislation.

Your feedback on the proposals will inform the development of a draft Bill (the draft text of an Act before it is debated and passed in Parliament) for a new animal welfare Act. The draft Bill is intended to be released for public feedback before its introduction into Parliament.

Scope of this consultation

We'd like your feedback on 12 high-level proposals for a new animal welfare Act.

The proposals are grouped under three themes that represent the objectives of the new Act:

  • Theme 1 – Safeguarding animal welfare
  • Theme 2 – A simplified and flexible legislation
  • Theme 3 – A better compliance and enforcement model.

The proposals do not intend to cover everything needed for a new animal welfare Act. More technical topics are also being considered, such as emergency response powers and the powers of authorised officers. Feedback on some but not all these technical topics is requested in this survey.

This survey does not seek feedback on legislative instruments like Regulations or Codes of Practice. These would be developed at a later date. There would be opportunity to get involved in developing Regulations and any Codes of Practice.

Read the Directions Paper

Please read the Directions Paper before completing the survey. It sets out detailed information on the proposals.

The Summary of Proposals can help you identify which proposals might be of most interest to you.

Submitting your feedback

You can provide feedback on the proposals by completing a survey, or making a submission

By uploading a submission

By completing a survey

Before you start the survey

It will take at least 30 minutes to complete the survey if you respond to every question.

You can respond to one, some or all the questions in the survey.

We suggest you read the Summary of Proposals above to identify which proposals might be of most interest to you.

  • If you take more than 2 hours to complete the survey, or if you leave the survey and do not return within 2 hours, your survey form will not be saved.

Collection notice

The Department of Jobs, Precinct and Regions (the department) is committed to protecting your privacy, according to Victorian privacy laws.


The department will collect and handle information from the survey to help inform the development of a new animal welfare Act for Victoria. The department may share your responses (survey results) with the community and with external parties such as other key stakeholders and external consultants. Your responses will be used to inform an Engagement Report released to the public. Comments you make in the survey may be included in the Engagement Report.


If you are making a submission as an organisation, your comments may be published in an Engagement Report, including details of your organisation, unless you advise otherwise.

Personal information relates to individuals only and includes name, address, geographical location and email address. Personal information in your submission will be removed before disclosure or publication. The submission form also provides for your submission to remain confidential.

To request access to your personal information or for other concerns about the privacy of your personal information, contact us at privacy@ecodev.vic.gov.au. For more information please see the department’s Privacy Statement.