The proposal

A joint Inquiry and Advisory Committee (IAC) has been appointed to consider the Environment Effects Statement (EES), draft planning scheme amendments affecting the Kingston and Greater Dandenong planning schemes and public submissions in accordance with the approved Terms of Reference.

The project is intended to connect the Mornington Peninsula Freeway to the Dingley Bypass. The project includes:

  • bridges over Springvale, Governor, Lower Dandenong and Centre Dandenong Roads, along with new freeway entry and exit ramps
  • bridges over Old Dandenong Road and the sensitive wetlands areas
  • traffic lights to connect the freeway to Dingley Bypass
  • upgrade to the existing interchange at Thames Promenade onto Mornington Peninsula Freeway with entry and exit ramps
  • a new shared walking and cycling path along the entire freeway

The proponent is the Major Road Projects Authority.

Exhibition and submissions

You may inspect the EES, draft planning scheme amendments and any related documents free of charge on the Major Road Projects Authority website.

Submissions can be made until 5.00pm on 14 December 2018.

Please contact Planning Panels Victoria on 8392 5121 if you would like to make a hard copy submission or have issues with this form.

Privacy and Intellectual Property:

Please note that your submission will be treated in accordance with the Privacy Collection Statement (which can be accessed through Document Library) which may include provisions to other parties and display in the Hearing. You should not include any other personal information in the submission, such as email and phone details, unless that information can be made publicly available. You can request access to your personal information held by the Department by contacting the Freedom of Information Unit on (03) 9637 8186 or

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The hearing will take place between 25 February and 15 March 2019.

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NOTE: Expert Witness Reports are due at least 5 business days before the Hearing commences. What is an expert witness? An expert witness gives evidence in a particular field of expertise. They are required to circulate Expert Witness Reports and may be subject to cross examination at the Hearing

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Public Hearings

Directions Hearing

The Directions Hearing will be held:

Thursday 31 January 2019, 10.00am

The Dingley Hotel, 334 Boundary Road, Dingley Village

The purpose of the Directions Hearing is to:

  • consider any preliminary or procedural issues and give directions about the conduct of the Hearing including the exchange of any expert witness reports
  • make arrangements for the Hearing, including the Timetable and Hearing venue
  • answer any questions people may have about the Hearing.

You should attend the Directions Hearing if:

  • you are unfamiliar with the process and wish to participate in the Public Hearing process
  • you have questions about the process or wish to raise any procedural issues.

Public Hearing

Any individual who provides a submission also has the opportunity to be heard at the Public Hearing following the submissions process. The Public Hearing is open to the public and a timetable will be prepared on the information collected.

The IAC will hold public hearings commencing the week commencing 25 February 2019.

Expert Evidence

If evidence is being called, the IAC will make directions about the submission of expert reports. These reports need to be circulated at least five working days before commencement of the Hearing, or as directed by the IAC.


The IAC is required to submit its Report to the Minister for Planning no later than 30 business days from the completion of its Public Hearing, in accordance with the Terms of Reference.

Contact Us

For questions about the Inquiry and Advisory Committee process (including questions about submissions), please contact:

Planning Panels Victoria
(03) 8392 5121

For questions about the Mordialloc Bypass Project, the EES documentation, and accessibility requirements

Major Road Projects Authority
1800 105 105

For questions about the EES process, please contact:

Impact Assessment Unit, DELWP
(03) 8392 5503