The Essential Services Commission is required to determine one or more minimum rates an electricity retailer must pay its customers for the electricity they export to the grid (via sources including solar panels). Retailers can offer more than the minimum rates we set.

The commission’s draft decision is to set two minimum feed-in tariff rates to apply from 1 July 2019, of which retailers must offer at least one:

  • the single rate feed-in tariff, and/or
  • the time-varying feed-in tariff

The draft single rate minimum feed-in tariff is:

  • 11.0 c/kWh

The draft time-varying minimum feed-in tariff is:

  • Off peak - 8.9 c/kWh
  • Shoulder - 10.7 c/kWh
  • Peak - 14.1 c/kWh

More information is contained in the commission's draft decision on the minimum feed-in tariff. The video below helps explain how we calculate the minimum feed-in tariff.

The minimum feed-in tariff - explainer video

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