Through discussions with jobseekers, business, industry and education providers, the Latrobe Valley Authority has identified a ‘gap’ between the skills that local jobseekers have and what employers are looking for. Employers have identified that they want jobseekers to be able to demonstrate great communication and collaborative problem-solving skills but just learning it from a textbook is not enough!

This project involves industry, education and community members working together to develop and pilot a process for recognising and assessing that someone can actually demonstrate these skills in a practical sense. Once they can, they will be issued with a micro-credential that can be used to show employers that they have applied and been assessed for these skills, a great addition to their resume.

And we want your input! It is important that this process works for everyone so join us today and help us to design this. Your participation and feedback will be taken into consideration as we develop the process and decide what works for everyone. There will also be opportunities to participate in workshops, to review documents and processes, to be an applicant, or maybe even an assessor.

Steering Committee Members

The Micro-credentialing of Enterprise Skills Steering Committee is guiding the progress of this project. The Steering Committee is made up of representatives from:

  • Industry/business - Energy, Health, Community Services, Water, Recruitment, Food & Fibre, Manufacturing
  • Education providers - Federation University, TAFE Gippsland, Gippsland Tech School, Broadening Horizons Program, secondary schools
  • State and Local Government - Council, Department of Education & Training, Rural Roads Victoria, Parks Victoria
  • Latrobe Valley Authority
  • Assessment Research Centre (ARC), University of Melbourne