Privacy collection notice

Rail Projects Victoria (RPV) collects your personal information (name, email and address) through this form for the purposes of better understanding the community and stakeholder feedback to the proposed amendments and to allow for follow up communications to address raised concerns. Any information you provide will be shared with Rail Projects Victoria’s construction contractor, Cross Yarra Partnership, responsible for preparing and updating these development plans.

Copies of submissions may also be shared with the Minister for Planning to aid with the planning approval processes. In the submission form, you can choose to consent to your personal information being used to identify your submission in reports and other publications. If you do not consent, we will deidentify your submission and it will be attributed to ‘anonymous’ in any reports or publications.

You may contact us to request access to your personal information, or for other concerns regarding the privacy of your personal information by calling 1800 105 105 or via the Metro Tunnel contact form. For further details please see the Metro Tunnel privacy statement.