The Conservation Regulator is seeking feedback on the procedure for the identification of old growth forest in the field.

This procedure will be applied by the native timber harvesting industry (to its operations in State forests) and the Conservation Regulator to implement the Victorian Government’s announcement to immediately end timber harvesting of old growth forests.

The draft procedure seeks to provide clear, transparent and independent guidance for the identification and protection of old growth forests in the field. The definition of old growth forest is reflective of the existing definition of old growth forest in the Management Standards and Procedures for Timber Harvesting Operations in Victoria’s State Forests 2014 (an incorporated document to the Code of Practice for Timber Production 2014). The attached Excel file provides an illustrative example of the basal area sweep calculations.

Community feedback into the effectiveness and practicality of the method will be used to shape the final guidelines that we will look to release in early 2020.

The draft method for identifying old growth forests will be open for public feedback until 23 December 2019.

Have your say in the survey below or alternatively submit your feedback to OCR@delwp.vic.gov.au.

The field identification procedure was developed using these four principles:

  • Transparent
  • Simple
  • Consistent and repeatable
  • Efficient, targeted and fit for purpose.

These principle guide the scientific process for identifying old growth forests.

The OCR is seeking your feedback on how well this procedure meets these principles.


1 - not at all, 2 - not well, 3 - neutral, 4 - well, 5 - very well


1 – very difficult, 2 – difficult, 3 – neutral, 4 – easy, 5 – very easy

Consistent and repeatable

3a. Does the procedure provide a consistent and repeatable approach?

Efficient, targeted and fit for purpose

1 - not at all, 2 - not well, 3 - neutral, 4 - well, 5 - very well

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