The Victorian Government is committed to reducing the risk of fire at waste and resource recovery facilities.

In August 2017, the interim Waste Management Policy (Resource Recovery Facilities) placed requirements on sites that store combustible and recyclable waste materials to minimise their fire risk. The interim policy will expire on 28 August 2018.

The Victorian Government proposes to declare an ongoing Waste Management Policy (Combustible Recyclable and Waste Material) to enable EPA to keep regulating these sites to minimise the risk of fire.

Compliance with the policy can be achieved by either following EPA’s Management and storage of combustible recyclable and waste materials - Guideline (Publication 1667.1), or through an approach that minimises the risk of fire to an equivalent level.

This consultation is to seek feedback on the draft policy and existing guideline.

The Victorian Government wants to hear from you. You can use this site to tell us what you think about the draft policy and the guideline, and whether you think changes are needed before the draft policy becomes law.

Response to Comments

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on managing combustible recyclable and waste materials in Victoria.

Managing combustible recyclable and waste materials in Victoria: Response to Comments summarises the issues, concerns and comments raised during the consultation. It also provides the government's responses to those comments, including how feedback has been considered in the final design of the waste management policy.  

Managing combustible recyclable and waste materials in Victoria: Response to Comments and all non-confidential written submissions can be viewed below. The final waste management policy will be available to view on EPA's website from 28 August 2018. 

This consultation is now closed. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback.

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