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About the Maidstone development

The Department of Transport has bought the vacant former Victoria University site in Maidstone and will lead its development on behalf of the Victorian Government.

Over the next few years, the site will be renewed to support community needs. We plan to use part of the site for a new tram maintenance and stabling facility for Melbourne’s 100 Next Generation Trams. Other essential services projects are also proposed for the site.

Early works on the tram maintenance facility are expected to start in 2023, subject to planning and heritage approvals.

A map showing the proposed development in Maidstone, Victoria and the surrounding area (indicative, not to scale). The site is indicated by alternating grey hatching and a teardrop label saying

An indicative map of the proposed development in Maidstone (not to scale)

Why Maidstone

The Maidstone site is an ideal spot for a tram maintenance and stabling facility as it is large, vacant land close to the tram network. This lessens the need for new tracks and other works. It is also a valuable location for a range of other essential service projects.

Project benefits

The Maidstone community will benefit from an enhanced local area, a more reliable and modern tram fleet, and 280 local jobs at the new tram maintenance and stabling facility including in the supply chain.

The new trams will be more comfortable, accessible and energy efficient. They are expected to start taking passengers from 2025, helping replace Melbourne’s longest serving high-floor fleet.

About the site

The now vacant site was previously used as student accommodation until 2015. It was also once accommodation for new migrants and refugees in the post-war period; and prior to that, a pyrotechnics factory.

Our commitment to you

We understand the Maidstone site has a rich history and is important to many Victorians, from its time as accommodation for new migrants to Australia and university students.

Our team is committed to working with your community to help shape this project. We will keep you updated as we progress plans for this exciting new development in your area.

We look forward to working with local residents, traders and key stakeholders to find ways to preserve and celebrate the site’s history, and make sure the new development benefits your community.

Have your say

The initial community survey has now ended. The responses will help us to understand what you value about the site, your concerns, and how this new development can make a positive difference to your community. We value your feedback and contributions, and there will be further opportunities in future for you to have your say.