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Thanks for helping us colour the Blaxland bridge

We’re extending the Blaxland Avenue overpass so we can add new lanes to the freeway underneath. We’re building new ramps, replacing the cables and painting the support towers a brand-new colour to enhance the structure and provide a visual cue for motorists travelling on the freeway.

Once complete, the bridge will be more accessible to the hundreds of cyclists and pedestrians who use it each day and also become a key feature of the M80 Ring Road.

In February, we gave you a choice of three vibrant colours for the upgraded Blaxland bridge. After more than 1,100 votes were cast, you chose Kikuyu as your favourite colour.

You were able to vote by selecting a colour from the poll below or by sending us an SMS. We’ve included the final results from the online poll and SMS below.

We'll start painting the Blaxland bridge this month. Works to upgrade the overpass will continue until May.

Thank you for helping us choose a colour.

Online poll results

Which colour do you prefer?

This poll has concluded.

22% (234 votes)
Bright Lime
24% (255 votes)
54% (582 votes)
Total Votes: 1071

SMS results

Banksia – 17% (16 votes)

Bright Lime – 24% (23 votes)

Kikuyu – 59% (57 votes)

Total Votes: 96

Option 1: Banksia

Artist impression of Blaxland Bridge Banksia pier colour option

This earthy tone will revitalise the existing overpass in a subtle way, while blending seamlessly into the surrounding area. The Banksia flower is where this colour typically derives its name from. Although soft and subtle, ‘Banksia’ complements the silvery native Australian foliage such as Eucalyptus tree and Rhagodia species.

Option 2: Bright lime

Artist impression of Blaxland Bridge Bright Lime pier colour option

The vibrant 'Bright lime' colour complements the surrounding grasslands within the project area as well as providing a welcome contrast to the industrial area adjacent to the freeway.

Option 3: Kikuyu

Artist impression of Blaxland Bridge Kikuyu pier colour option

The bold 'Kikuyu' colour highlights the geological connections to the surrounding landscape. Basaltic rock is commonly found within the project area, with a typically olive green mineral deposit known as ‘Olivine’ found running through these rocks.