The Victorian Government has fast-tracked removal of the dangerous and congested level crossings at Surrey Hills and Mont Albert. We’re removing the level crossings by lowering the tracks into an open trench and building a new, premium station with better facilities and more services.

We’ve now released updated designs for the new premium station and surrounds – these designs combine community feedback with technical and engineering advice to create a station that compliments the character of the local area.

Community feedback has also influenced how we connect the premium station with its surrounds and celebrate Lorne Parade Reserve as a modern green space for generations to come.

Our updated designs are now available and you can have your say on the finishing touches for the design.

We'd like to hear your views on the proposed arrangement of Lorne Parade Reserve, elements of the new play space, locations for public artwork, and screening and planting along the rail trench.

How to participate

Submit a response to the survey below.

Survey closes 11.59pm Friday 6 August.

Next steps

This feedback collected about the Union Road and Mont Albert Road level crossing removal project will be used to inform the final design for the new station and station precinct.

Before you complete this survey, please note:

  • All items in this survey are indicative of examples only.
  • We follow Urban Design Guidelines, which consider the extensive list of state and local strategic plans and policies as well as surrounding major projects.



維多利亞州政府將提前拆除位於Surrey Hills及Mont Albert的危險、堵塞的平交道口。我們將會把鐵道降至開放式溝渠,從而拆除這些平交道口,並建造一個全新、設施更好、班次更多的優質車站。


我們也參考了社區意見回饋:如何將該優質車站與車站周圍環境聯繫起來,並彰顯Lorne Parade自然保護區作為一個現代的綠色空間,供世世代代使用。


我們希望聽到您對Lorne Parade自然保護區、新遊戲空間設備、公共藝術品位置以及鐵路溝渠沿線安全屏幕和綠植的意見。





這些收集到有關於Union Road和Mont Albert Road平交道口拆除工程的意見回饋將被用於新車站和車站週邊區域的最終設計。


  • 本問卷調查中的所有項目僅供參考。
  • 我們遵循「城市設計指南」,考慮了大量的州和地方策略規劃和政策,以及周圍的重大工程。



维州政府已加快启动Surrey Hills和Mont Albert平交路口拆除工程,这些平交路口既危险又拥堵。为拆除平交路口,我们将把铁轨降到一条开放式的地下铁路沟渠,新建一个大站,提供更好的设施和服务班次。

我们现已公布更新过的新建大站及周边的设计方案 – 这些方案将社区反馈意见和工程技术咨询意见结合在一起,使车站和本地特色相辅相成。

社区反馈意见亦会影响到我们如何将车站融入周边环境并为今后几代人把Lorne Parade保留地改造成一个现代绿色空间。


我们希望听取你对Lorne Parade保留地拟议安排、公共艺术作品设置地点、铁路沟渠沿线屏蔽板和绿化的看法。





对Union Road和Mont Albert Road平交路口拆除项目的反馈意见将用于为新建车站和站区的最终设计提供有用信息。


  • 本问卷表的所有图片仅起示例作用。
  • 我们遵守市政设计指南,广泛考量本州和地方的各种战略计划以及周边的大型项目。

Privacy collection notice

On behalf of the Victorian Government, the Level Crossing Removal Project (LXRP) is removing 75 dangerous and congested level crossings across Melbourne by 2025. As part of this project we are consulting with members of the local community in relation to delivery of the level crossing removals.

LXRP collects your personal information through this survey should we need to contact you to follow up with you about the impacts. Your personal information will only be used by LXRP for the purpose of contacting you about your survey responses.

LXRP will not disclose your personal information without your consent, except to the extent outlined above or where required to do so by law. If you wish to complete the form anonymously, we will consider what you have raised but will not be able to contact you to further discuss your submission or to follow up on concerns. We also may not be able to identify your submission if you wish to access it. You may contact LXRP to request access or correction to any personal information you have provided to us by emailing LXRP-FOI@levelcrossings.vic.gov.au.

For further information on how your personal information is handled, please review the LXRP privacy policy and the Engage Victoria privacy policy.