CLOSED: This survey has concluded.

Our early technical and engineering investigations have shown that raising the rail line over the road is the best solution for removing these level crossings.

Getting rid of these crossings will make it easier to get around the local area and improve east-west connections across busy arterial roads.

Raising the rail line over the road will also create new open and green spaces underneath the rail bridge and minimise disruption during construction.

To assist in facilitating the project, the Level Crossing Removal Project (LXRP) will request the Minister for Planning to make a change to the Darebin Planning Scheme. This is known as a Planning Scheme Amendment.

Your thoughts on the level crossing removals are important to us. We'll use your feedback to understand what the community's priorities are and what we need to consider as we develop the Planning Scheme Amendment documentation.

Submissions may relate to any aspect of the Preston Level Crossing Removal Project.

This includes design considerations, management or mitigation measures for any potential impacts, or any other matter relevant to the construction or operation of the project.

Submissions close 5pm Friday 20 December 2019.