CLOSED: This survey has concluded.

Works are about to ramp up as we get on with the job of removing the level crossing at Old Geelong Road, Hoppers Crossing and building a road bridge and pedestrian overpass over the rail line.

Major construction will begin in the coming months and we’re looking for community members to form a Stakeholder Liaison Group (SLG).

The SLG provides local perspectives and insights throughout the construction phase of the project.

While it has no formal decision-making power, the purpose of the SLG is to ensure that local communities have a voice on issues that may impact them during construction.

The SLG will assist the project team by providing:

  • a local perspective, particularly in relation to minimising construction impacts on the community
  • information to the community about the project and its construction
  • local knowledge to discussions about the construction program.

The SLG will consist of community members who represent the views and interests of residents, business owners and community.

Who can nominate?

To nominate for the Old Geelong Road SLG, you must be at least two of the following:

  • Involved in the wider community
  • Endorsed by a local organisation (if representing one)
  • An active member of the community, with strong networks and linkages
  • Able to constructively participate in an advisory capacity
  • Able to represent a broad range of views that reflect the diversity of the community
  • Knowledgeable about the community’s social, environmental and economic influences
  • Aware of and sensitive to the local issues relevant to the project
  • Willing to contribute positively to meetings in a fair and unbiased manner
  • Able to look beyond personal interests for the benefit of the community
  • Able and willing to encourage participation from and provide unbiased feedback to the community about the project
  • Able to commit to the SLG for the time required

If you are interested in nominating to be part of the Old Geelong Road SLG, please complete the form below.

Nominations close 5pm Friday 3 July 2020.

Old Geelong Road SLG nomination form

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5. Would you be prepared to: Required
Have a contact number and/or email address published in the local community to enable people with similar interests to contact you?
Be willing to pass on SLG-endorsed information to the community and provide input from the community to the project, whatever your personal views may be?
Commit the time to prepare for, attend and contribute to SLG meetings held approximately every four to six weeks?
Work cooperatively with other members of the SLG, including respect and value the diversity of views represented within the group?

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.

On behalf of the Victorian Government, the Level Crossing Removal Project (LXRP) is removing 75 dangerous and congested level crossings across Melbourne by 2025.

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LXRP will not disclose your personal information without your consent, except to the extent outlined above or where required to do so by law. If you wish to complete the form anonymously, we will consider what you have raised elsewhere in the form but will not be able to consider you for participation in the SLG. We also may not be able to identify your submission if you wish to access it. You may contact LXRP to request access or correction to any personal information you have provided to us by emailing

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