CLOSED: This survey has concluded.

We have now established a Community Reference Group (CRG) for the Grange Road Level Crossing Removal Project.

During construction of the project, we need local perspective and insight to help minimise the construction impacts on local communities. The Level Crossing Removal Authority has established a CRG to ensure that stakeholders and local community members have a voice on issues that affect them during the construction of the project.

Nominations were invited from members of the Alphington and Fairfield community who feel passionate about their local area and want to be involved.

Community Reference Group role

Whilst it has no formal decision-making power, the purpose of the CRG is to ensure that local community members have a voice on issues that affect them throughout construction to remove the Grange Road level crossing.

The CRG will assist the project team by:

  • providing a local perspective, particularly in relation to minimising construction impacts on local communities
  • bring local knowledge and networks to encourage discussions with interested and affected residents, businesses, interest and industry groups.

Criteria for membership

Nominations to join the CRG were invited from people that represent different interests and perspectives in the community. A panel made up of representatives from the local MPs office and the Level Crossing Removal Authority selected the successful candidates.

All CRG members need to be:

  • able to provide information relevant to their community interest, or area they represent
  • able to act as a conduit between this interest or area and the CRG. Members must have good local networks, be willing to have contact details published in the local community, and be willing to pass on all relevant information, whatever your personal view may be
  • able to listen to, and work co-operatively with, others who may hold differing or opposing views
  • able to commit the time to attend meetings (at intervals of approximately three months, at a time of day to be determined by the group).

In addition to the above criteria, which carried equal weight in the assessment of nominations, we chose the best mix of members to achieve the greatest diversity.