CLOSED: This survey has concluded.

The Level Crossing Removal Project will soon be seeking approval to amend the Casey planning scheme to help facilitate project works.

Property owners, occupiers and other interested parties are invited to submit formal feedback that forms part of the Planning Scheme Amendment (PSA) request to the Minister for Planning.

Submissions may outline concerns about, or support for, any aspect of the project or the proposed PSA.

The proposed PSA applies a site-specific planning control via an Incorporated Document which includes a number of conditions that will need to be met to the satisfaction of the Minister for Planning.

The proposed conditions may include considerations relating to local heritage, native vegetation and environmental management.

Further information on the project and the associated PSA is available in our FAQs, the Clyde Road Project Land Map, Incorporated Document and Explanatory Report.

We will use your feedback to understand what is important to the community and what we need to consider as we finalise the PSA request documentation and develop detailed designs. A summary of all submissions and feedback is also provided to the Minister for Planning as part of a formal request for planning approval.

If you wish to make a formal submission online regarding the PSA, you can do so by completing the survey below or by emailing completed submission forms to link).

Your previous feedback

If you provided feedback about the project between Friday 23 August and Sunday 6 October 2019, including at two community drop-in sessions on 12 and 14 September 2019, it will be considered during the development phase of this project.

However, if you wish to have that feedback included as part of this PSA process, please contact us directly on 1800 105 105 or link) with your details, and we will carry your feedback into the PSA submission process.

Submissions close 5pm Friday 1 November 2019.