CLOSED: This survey has now concluded.

The Victorian Government has committed to removing the two level crossings at Park Road and Charman Road Cheltenham to improve congestion and improve travel times.

Throughout 2016, the Level Crossing Removal Authority (LXRA) undertook a range of detailed technical investigations and extensive consultation with the local community and key stakeholders on design options to determine the most appropriate option to remove the Cheltenham level crossing.

Based on these investigations and consultation feedback, we now have one design solution for the Park and Charman Road sites – a rail trench under the road. The design will see two new road bridges being built at Park Road and Charman Road at the current road level.

Your thoughts on the Cheltenham level crossing removal are important to us. We will use your feedback to understand what is important to the community and what we need to consider as we further develop and finalise our design.

Information on the design solution is set out in the Community Update available online at Please review this before providing comments on this Submission Form.

Your submission can include amenity considerations, management or mitigation measures for any impacts identified or any other matter relevant to the construction or operation of the project.