Once you’ve explored the options for removing this level crossing, you can use this forum as one of the ways to share your thoughts and feedback.

Some questions to consider in the discussion:

  • While a bridge would change views for local people, a rail trench would also have an impact with barriers and fencing required to protect the trench. What is the most important thing we need to consider about the look of the project?
  • We aim for no net loss of parking when we remove level crossings and rebuild stations (after construction). What are your thoughts about a new multi-level car park near Cheltenham Station to accommodate commuter car parking?
  • Both the rail bridge and rail trench options will impact the heritage-listed Cheltenham Station and nearby trees, with the rail trench having a greater impact. What features are most important to retain, replace or re-site?
  • There will be disruption during the works under both options, particularly to the train service and Cheltenham Station. How can we help you through these disruptions? What timeframes would you prefer for the disruption i.e. more disruptive but shorter overall construction period or less disruptive but longer overall construction?

Cheltenham discussion forum

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