CLOSED: This survey has concluded.

Works are about to ramp up as we get on with the job of removing the level crossing at Cardinia Road, Berwick with a road bridge.

Major construction will start in the coming months and we’re looking for community members to form a Construction Liaison Group (CLG).

The role of the CLG

The CLG provides local perspectives and insights throughout the construction phase of the project.

While it has no formal decision-making power, the purpose of the CLG is to ensure that local communities have a voice on issues that may impact them during construction. It will assist the project team by providing:

  • a local perspective, particularly in relation to minimising construction impacts on the community
  • information to the community about the project and its construction
  • local knowledge to discussions about the construction program.

Criteria for membership

Nominations to join the CLG are invited from people living or working near the works. The CLG will aim to create a diverse group, including residents, business owners and members of community groups, for example local residents’ associations.

All CLG members must be able to:

  • provide information relevant to their community interest or area they represent
  • be able to objectively present the views of the community or area they represent, regardless of personal views
  • act as a two-way channel for communication between the community interest they represent and the CLG
  • be willing to pass on relevant information regardless of their personal views
  • listen and work cooperatively with others who may hold opposing views
  • commit time to attend evening meetings approximately every eight weeks.

In addition to the above criteria, an overall assessment will be made on the best mix of members to achieve the greatest diversity.

Nominations close Friday 1 November 2019.