CLOSED: This survey has concluded.

The Bell to Moreland Level Crossing Removal project will deliver new community open spaces, separated cycling and pedestrian paths, and new Coburg and Moreland station precincts.

What we’ve heard

Community feedback collected earlier this year on the new open space has been used to inform the early design of five key aspects of the open space:

  • nature playground
  • plants and gardens
  • dog park
  • flexible community space
  • sports and recreation area

We would now like to know more details about what’s important to you so our project team can refine designs for the local area.

Feedback will be considered along with local constraints, including:

  • the narrow rail corridor and properties in close proximity to the rail line
  • drainage basins required along the rail corridor
  • how the facilities will be maintained
  • heritage considerations.

Submissions close 5pm Saturday 28 September 2019.