Update - August 2021

Feasibility study - Community Design Option

A feasibility investigation of a community-designed groyne proposal for Point Lonsdale foreshore, comprising eight new groynes to increase sand levels for recreation and amenity, is complete.

Next steps

With no immediate public safety or asset risk posed by maintaining the status quo, currently the Marine and Coastal Policy does not support additional coastal infrastructure at Point Lonsdale Front Beach.

DELWP will continue monitoring the Point Lonsdale foreshore through regular drone surveys and assessment of sediment dynamics via the Victorian Coastal Monitoring Program.

Additional wave monitoring buoys have been installed within Port Phillip Bay to inform and help understand sand movement and erosion events.

The wave data will help inform a separate study of the Point Lonsdale coastline, including Dog Beach.

If public safety or assets are at risk in the future, authorities will consider further action.

Previous consultation

Point Lonsdale Groyne Investigations

Final consultation has now closed, please see the options for community review at the bottom of this page.

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) has worked with coastal engineering consultants Cardno to investigate options for the protection and preservation of the Point Lonsdale front beach.

Community feedback from the August 2018 consultation on groyne options to maintain sand at the Point Lonsdale front beach has been considered and the community is now invited to have their say on a preferred option (including groyne locations and materials) to maintain sand at Point Lonsdale front beach.

Two open house sessions were held in February 2019 to provide further opportunity for the community to share their views and nominate preferred options.

Feedback on this page was open from Monday 25th February to Monday 11th March.

For more information, please contact the project team on 136 186

Background - February 2019

Following community feedback from previous consultation in 2018, DELWP commissioned Cardno to investigate groyne options to protect and preserve the Point Lonsdale front beach (opposite the shops). The options took into account Point Lonsdale front beach coastal processes and existing groyne configurations that may influence sand supply. Cardno’s investigation has informed options 2 and 3 that have been presented as part of the current consultation.

DELWP acknowledges that there are a variety of views on the best way to protect Point Lonsdale front beach. Therefore, this final consultation includes options that originated from Cardno as well the community, including the potential to identify an alternative option.

The community are invited to comment on each option below and make a final preference for one of these options.

Port Lonsdale Foreshore

Options for community review

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The community is invited to comment on each option below.

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Drag the options from the left column to the right, or if on mobile, number them in order of preference.

  1. Option 1: Monitoring and Maintenance #
  2. Option 2: Additional single rock groyne opposite the shops #
  3. Option 3: additional single timber groyne opposite the shops #
  4. Option 4: A community generated option - reinstate 4 historic groynes and add 4 groynes #
  5. Option 5: Other community generated option - open to your suggestions #

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.


Thankyou for sharing your photos of the beaches around Lonsdale Bight

Your photos of the beaches around the Lonsdale Bight have helped to build a photo timeline of sand movement over the years. Your photos have provided a recent and historical snapshot of the beaches across all seasonal conditions.

Photos were an important part of the community consultation and contributed to the development of the outcomes, options and actions summary.

Photos have been uploaded to the photo gallery and are shown here.