Point Lonsdale groyne design options study

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) has worked with coastal engineering consultants Cardno to investigate options for the protection and preservation of the Point Lonsdale front beach.

A detailed analysis of groyne field design options and a study of potential impacts are presented in a slideshow below.

They provide various options of groynes that may be suitable to manage and maintain sand on the Point Lonsdale front beach.

Once you have reviewed them, please fill out the survey indicating your views on each option.

There are six options. To scroll through them, please click the arrows at either end of the slides below.

Please share your thoughts on each option below

After having viewed the individual options above, please provide your thoughts on each one

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Attend an open house session in August

The findings of the groyne study and Groyne Design Options to maintain sand on the front beach will be presented to the community at interactive open house sessions.

These sessions will be held on at the Point Lonsdale Bowls Club on:

  • Tuesday 7 August, 3pm - 7pm
  • Saturday 11 August, 1pm - 4pm.

Registrations are not required to attend – please turn up on the day.

Feedback on the options will be invited from the community to help understand the community's preferences and opinions of the potential implications of each option.

The opportunity to provide online feedback will also be available for community members that are unable to attend the open house sessions.

A component of the open house sessions will be to work with the community on suitable methods and tools available to monitor sand movement at the Point Lonsdale front beach.

Community members with an interest in citizen science are encouraged to attend, with the open-house sessions providing a starting point to establishing a community sand monitoring program.

Monitoring may help provide a better understanding of sand fluctuations and coastal processes that influence how sand moves at the Point Lonsdale front beach.

Capturing data through a formalised program, utilising scientific and consistent processes, may also be highly valuable for longer-term coastal planning.

DELWP is committed to working with the community to ensure any decisions regarding the Point Lonsdale front beach consider local knowledge, input and the best information available.

For more information, please contact the project team on 136 186.

Point Lonsdale Coastal Processes

Consultation on the Point Lonsdale Coastal Processes project is now closed. A summary of the project can be found in the Document Library of this page.

Thankyou for sharing your photos of the beaches around Lonsdale Bight

Your photos of the beaches around the Lonsdale Bight have helped to build a photo timeline of sand movement over the years. Your photos have provided a recent and historical snapshot of the beaches across all seasonal conditions.

Photos were an important part of the community consultation and contributed to the development of the outcomes, options and actions summary.

Photos have been uploaded to the photo gallery and are shown here.