Biodiversity Response Planning is a collaborative approach to encourage everybody to work together and align biodiversity actions to support the goals of the 20-year biodiversity plan Protecting Victoria’s Environment – Biodiversity 2037.

Biodiversity (the variety of different plants, animals, and microbes that form ecosystems) plays an extremely important role in our lives and preserving it is a key challenge facing society. Aside from making nature beautiful to be in and explore, biodiversity has a crucial role in providing climate stability, food security, medicine, quality habitat for our native animals, ecosystem resilience, protecting water resources, breaking down and absorbing pollution, and many other valuable services.

We are asking the community to help us identify biodiversity values. priority species and potential threats.

The biodiversity options and priorities developed through Biodiversity Response Planning will be able to inform other planning processes (such as Regional Catchment Strategy reviews, development of new Forest Management plans and Conservation Actions Plans etc).

The BRP process is about planning not investment or project development. At this stage all information collected through this platform, the workshops and one on one conversations will be collated to inform the understanding of current programs, actions and activities addressing biodiversity decline, and could identify gaps and future opportunities for of biodiversity and community priorities. We expect that this process will generates heaps of great ideas and elicit other priorities for actions such as capacity building, local action for community and healthy Country outcomes for Traditional Owners.

At the end of this planning cycle we will finalise a set of outcomes for the landscapes and stakeholder across the Loddon Mallee region that will form ‘an agreed’ list of priorities. Its important to remember this is an ongoing process of conversations about biodiversity with stakeholders and the community, and as such the priorities will be refined over time as new information and our understanding of need changes.


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