The Local Government (Planning and Reporting) Regulations 2020 are now available, and can be accessed here.

The Local Government (Planning and Reporting) Regulations 2020 have replaced and substantially replicated the Local Government (Planning and Reporting) Regulations 2014, by prescribing the information to be included in councils’ Council Plan, budget, and annual report, as well as continuing to provide a mandatory system of performance reporting for all councils.

The only variations in the Regulations 2020 reflect the new strategic plans being introduced by the Local Government Act 2020, specifically the four-year budget, and the 10-year Financial Plan.

The LGA 2020 is principles based legislation, and focusses on enabling councils to implement the requirements in a manner that gives life to the principles and reflects their communities. On this basis, regulations are only being utilised where they are deemed essential. Work is currently occurring with the sector on the development of the Integrated Strategic Planning and Reporting Framework and if further regulatory requirements for planning and reporting are identified through this co-design work they would be progressed in the second half of 2021.

Our Approach to the Consultation Process

Consultation with the sector was undertaken during September 2020. Members of the Local Government sector and working groups were consulted on the proposed regulations and were able to provide feedback on the below proposed regulations through EngageVic.
Proposed Local Government (Planning & Reporting) Regulations 2020
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