Candidate Training

The candidate training module is now closed in line with VEC nomination closure of 22 September 2020.

All information relating to Mandatory Candidate Training requirements and online training can be found on the Local Government Victoria website.

Consultation undertaken

It is important that anyone who wishes to run as a candidate in an election is aware of the requirement to undertake mandatory candidate training.

We asked for your input into how we achieve this awareness and the results are shown in the graph below.

Other ideas on mandatory candidate training

We asked for further ideas on how to raise the awareness and these are themed below.
  • Local community newsletters - neighbourhood houses, townships, schools. Newspapers not just metropolitan!
  • Community groups and advocacy bodies to be provided information - encourages engaged, committed community members.
  • Consider social media, women's groups, community newsletters, radio & notice boards (incl rural). Build on QLDs mandatory experience in 2020
  • Facebook groups for Local Gov related matters.I.e. women for local gov page.
    Notify all registered political parties.
  • Regional newspapers will have greater impact in regional areas. Consider trade specific publications.
  • No. Just use as many channels as possible.
  • Social media; anti bullying training for candidates. 1 elected extremely unprofessional on social media against Councillors would be sacked.
  • Email the candidates directly, advertise on councils social media pages and your own
  • Content should include social media and how it can be used in both campaign and as a Councillor with focus on respectful comms; copyright
  • Facebook advertising
  • The provision of standardised media material such as text for social media posts, website content and the like would be helpful.
  • Mandatory for returning and new Councillors, available right up until last day to nominate. Not put additional strain on Council Offices
  • Develop a website for prospective candidates early to provide key information and include online candidate training.
  • Promote training via VEC public notices; deliver it online via an LGV website which generates a certificate of completion
  • Training should be on-line to monitor compliance. Candidate training should cover the basics only.
  • Councils are meant to deliver face to face training that followed a script set out in Regs, with COVID19 LGV should do online training
  • Training could be online with a short test at the end.
  • The training should be mandatory for returning candidates as well.Consider how it is delivered - perhaps across multiple municipalities.
  • With MAV and VLGA both rolling out training programs, it seems madness that this is additional. Surely we can combine the two programs?
  • Training should be co-delivered with VEC training and mandatory for returning Councillors
  • Ensure that regional and country areas are not left behind in having accessible opportunities to participate.
  • Mandatory public live streaming of Council meetings.
  • Recognise qualifications candidates may have, such as Diploma of Local Government, AICD Training etc.
  • Include guidance about councillor allowances and related expenses - to ensure no surprises; about the costs associated with the role.
  • Real life examples of current issues Councillors are facing. Thorough training/understanding of what it means to be a Councillor

What did we do with this feedback?

We used this feedback to form the materials and approach to Mandatory Candidate Training.