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A Principles based Act - councillor induction training video

Leadership and Integrity A look at the leadership and integrity provisions in the new Local Government Act 2020.

We will be adding resource material to the following list of Councillor Induction Training topics that are proposed to be regulated. If you have any good examples of this information, please share below.

  1. the role of a councillor, a mayor and a deputy mayor;
  2. the role of the chief executive officer;
  3. any practices, protocols or policies in relation to the interaction between council staff and councillors;
  4. the overarching governance principles and the supporting principles; see council video on
  5. the standards of conduct;
  6. misconduct, serious misconduct and gross misconduct;
  7. the internal arbitration process and the councillor conduct process;
  8. engagement and reconciliation with the traditional owners of land in the municipal district of the Council;
  9. giving effect to gender equality, diversity and inclusiveness. See council video on gender equality. See how the Gender Equality Act and Local Government Victoria Act's align