Municipal Monitors are appointed by the Minister for Local Government to advise on governance matters at a council, including the exercise of statutory powers in relation to council governance. These sections of the Act are proclaimed on 24 October 2020.

New requirements under the Local Government Act 2020

The following table provides the Parts of the Act that are new requirements. These are shown in bold.

Provides that the Minister may appoint a person to be a Municipal Monitor to a Council and specify the amount that the Municipal Monitor is entitled to be paid by the Council. The 2020 Act removes the exemption from municipal monitors being subject to the Public Administration Act 2004.

Describes the functions of a Municipal Monitor. This includes advising the Council about governance improvements and making recommendations to the Minister in relation to the exercise of statutory powers regarding council governance matters.

Various provisions of the Act give the Minister the ability to take steps to address governance failures identified by a Municipal Monitor. This includes the power to give a governance direction

to a Council, to appoint a Commission of Inquiry or to suspend all of the Councillors of a Council.

Gives a Municipal Monitor the power to do all things necessary or convenient to perform the Municipal Monitor's functions. It also continues to require a Municipal Monitor to refer corrupt conduct to the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC).

The 1989 Act specified the individual powers of a municipal monitor which largely replicated the powers of the Chief Municipal Inspector under section 223B of the 1989 Act.

Commencement Arrangements

24 October 2020

Local Government Act 2020 - Provisions Commence

  • Sections 179, 180 and 181

24 October 2020

Local Government Act 1989 - Provisions repealed

  • Sections 223CA, 223CB and 223CC

Transitional Arrangements


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