Part 7 Division 5 – Commissions of inquiry

Sections 200 to 223 replace sections 209 - 218 of the 1989 Act. The following table provides the Parts of the Act that are new requirements. These are shown in bold.

These section deal with the appointment of a commission of inquiry into the affairs of a council or councils, the appointment of commissioners, the establishment of a secretariat for the commission and enable the commission to determine the manner of inquiry.

These sections deal with the powers, procedures and records of a commission of inquiry. These provisions have been aligned to the relevant provisions for Boards of Inquiry under the Inquiries Act 2014.

Allows a Commission of Inquiry to make an order for the payment of all or any of the costs of the commission of inquiry. This could include an order for the council to pay all the costs for a commission of inquiry.

Requires the Minister to table a report from a Commission of Inquiry in Parliament within 7 sitting days of receiving the report. Again, this is in line with the provisions of the Inquiries Act 2014.

Commencement Arrangements

24 October 2020

Local Government Act 2020 – Provisions commence 24 October 2020

  • Sections 200 to 223

24 October 2020

Local Government Act 1989 - Provisions repealed 24 October 2020

• Sections 209 to 218

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