The Local Government Act 2020 requires councils to take an integrated approach to strategic planning and reporting. Local Government Victoria (LGV) is responsible for managing and overseeing the implementation phase of the Act. As the Act is a principles based Act, LGV is seeking not to be prescriptive in ‘telling’ councils how to implement the strategic planning and reporting sections of the Act but rather working with councils and ‘codesigning’ the supports identified as being needed by councils to implement the provisions of the Act.

We welcome your input into this co-design process.


The strategic planning principles in the Local Government Act require Councils to “take an integrated approach to planning, monitoring and performance reporting”.

How this is done is up to individual councils. Some councils have been working with an integrated framework in place for some years, while for others, integrated planning and reporting is new.

LGV has commissioned a discussion paper that sets out a draft integrated strategic planning and reporting framework (referred to as ‘the framework’ in this document). This framework is intended as a guide and a starting point, not a prescriptive requirement. LGV envisages that the framework will be particularly helpful as a guide for councils that are new to integrated planning and reporting.You can find a link to the discussion paper here.

The purpose of the co-design is twofold:

  • to consider and improve the draft framework as one of the key supports
  • to identify all other ‘supports’ needed by councils.

The intent is to add value and build on the current planning and reporting approaches and expertise of councils, not to replace the work of councils.

Supports’ in this context covers a range of elements such as guidance materials, regulations, models, training courses, or communities of practice. There is no set limit to this range of items that can be considered ‘supports’. Supports may be related to the overall framework or to specific individual elements of the framework (community vision, council plan, financial plan, asset management plan, budget, revenue and rating plan, annual report, workforce plan).

Once identified, some ‘supports’ may best be provided by Local Government Victoria, while other ‘supports’ may be best developed by peak bodies or groups of councils working together.

The final outputs of the co-design process will be:

  • An integrated strategic planning and reporting framework that can be tailored by individual councils to suit their own needs
  • A range of ‘supports’ identified through the co-design that are developed to support councils to undertake integrated strategic planning and reporting

You can find more information about the objectives, process and outcomes of the co-design in the Engagement Plan.


The remit is the core question for consideration. It is the overarching challenge that guides all other engagement questions in this workbook.

The strategic planning principles contained in the Local Government Act 2020 require councils to adopt an integrated approach to planning, monitoring and performance reporting. LGV has developed a draft integrated strategic planning and reporting framework (‘the framework’) for consideration by councils.

How do we make strategic planning and reporting more integrated so that it works better for councils and their communities?

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