Our key motivation is to support the sector with the opportunity to lead the implementation and determine - through co-design processes – the products and materials that best meet your needs.

This approach to co-design was presented in the first workshops:

  • Identification of ideas - complete
  • Agreement of the product/s to be developed
  • Establish the approach to develop product/s
  • Customer testing and feedback
  • Refinement and finalisation
  • Publication

In the Councillor Induction Training online workshops we asked the following questions:

1. For those who have been involved in a Councillor induction program in the past, what worked really well?

2. For those who have been involved in a Councillor induction training program in the past, what would have improved this program?

3. What would enable the greatest level of engagement and participation in a Councillor induction program?

4. What are the critical topics you think need to be included in a Councillor induction training program?

Your answers have been presented into 2 themes. We are now offering you an opportunity to further contribute and help us prioritise the products to be developed by completing the questionnaire below.

Further workshops will be advertised once we agree on the support and material that the sector wishes to develop.

Achieving good practice in Councillor induction training

From the online workshops, we have taken your ideas and developed these into the following themes:
  • Council specific information:
    • Developing relationships between Councillors and Senior Leadership team;
    • Tour of Municipality;
    • Long term financial plan and Annual Plan;
    • Priority projects/ capital works;
    • Organisational structure;
    • Council services;
    • Policies;
    • Audit and Risk;
    • Demographics;
    • Emergency Management; and
    • Committee Delegations.
  • A recognised course such as Australian Institute of Company Directors
  • Topics:
    • Local Government Act;
    • Roles and responsibilities (including powers and the limit of powers, role of a Mayor);
    • Governance;
    • Conflicts of interest;
    • Confidentiality;
    • Code of conduct;
    • Ethics and integrity;
    • IT;
    • Council meeting protocols and skills;
    • Rates;
    • Financial training;
    • Planning;
    • Social media;
    • Advocacy;
    • Statutory planning;
    • Managing and recruiting a CEO;
    • IBAC and Ombudsman;
    • Speed reading;
    • Health and Safety;
    • Community engagement and managing requests;
    • Public speaking;
    • Conflict management;
    • Team building exercises;
    • Understanding personal values; and
    • Leadership.
  • Have a clear induction schedule/agenda;
  • Flexibility:
    • Delivery methods;
    • Delivery times.
  • Councillor retreat;
  • Toolkit/Resource library:
    • Presentations;
    • Videos;
    • Subject matter experts to present on specialised topics:
      • Legal;
      • Inspectorate.
    • Manuals;
    • Guidelines;
    • Cheat sheets;
    • Role play and mock meetings;
    • Case studies;
    • Quiz.
  • Meeting tips:
    • Good food;
    • Removing distractions like phones.
  • Mentoring

Co-design - prioritise products to be developed - the survey is now closed

We are asking for feedback on the following challenge statements. To ensure we get your input into the development of material that is scaleable, please tell us the size of your council.

We would also like to know how you feel your council is placed to meet the expectations of the requirements for Councillor induction training? 5 = very ready, 1 = nothing in place

Councillor induction training

1. How might we embed good systems and processes in councils that supports well informed and engaged councillors?

High priority
Medium Priority
Low priority
Development of a toolkit for methods of delivery
Provide a set of guidelines
Provide case studies/examples
Councillor induction training

2. How might we create a community of practice for councillor induction training that provides the opportunity to learn and share?

High priority
Medium priority
Low priority
Resource library of information
Development of a support network of local government specialists
External experts - Panel of experts on specific subject matters
Assistance to build understanding and maturity in the delivery of training

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.

Please submit any new ideas as to how we achieve good practice in Councillor induction training

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