The new Act has a number of requirements across four stages. LGV understands this is a complex, multi layered implementation project that touches on many different areas of council work. The Engage Vic platform will be used as an engagement tool with the local government sector and will be updated continuously with new information.

Staged Implementation

The project will be delivered in stages, based on proclamation dates, the date that part of the Act comes into operation. This is different to the key dates of delivery, which are the dates in which key documents are required to be adopted and in place in each Council. For more information on the key dates please visit the Local Government Victoria webpage.

We will be consulting on different elements across various stages simultaneously. To see a list of active consultations please refer to the 'current engagements' section below.

In meeting our commitment to a sector led consultation, implementation will follow the forms of inform, consult and co-design.

Inform = Legislation has a fixed position; clarity is required by the sector; provision of an explanation for the purpose of clarity or additional information is required

Consult = There is already commonality within the Local Government Sector; provision of clarification of what has changed may be needed, feedback may be required; the material already exists within the sector but may need improvement

Co-Design = This is a new opportunity for the Local Government Sector, and we will work on the solution together

Mandatory Candidate Training https://www.localgovernment.vic.gov.au/council-gov...


Electoral Provisions - available on the Local Government Victoria webpage

  • Electoral Regulations
  • City of Melbourne (Electoral) Regulations
  • Development of Candidate Training content and approach - in progress

Explanation of Principles - available on the Local Government Victoria webpage

  • Community Engagement
  • Public Transparency
  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Management
  • Service Performance


  • Power of delegation - available
  • Delegations by Chief Executive Officer - available
  • General provisions - available
  • Indemnity provisions


  • Council expense policy - Pathway document available
  • Audit and Risk Committee - Pathway document available

Co-design - first sessions commenced

  • Governance Rules - Pathway document available
  • Joint Meetings
  • Delegated Committees - Pathway document available
  • Asset Committees - Pathway document available
  • Public Transparency Policy - Pathway document available
  • Community Engagement Policy - co-design process has commenced.


  • Improper conduct - information available
  • Personal Interests returns
  • Compliance Exemptions
  • Specific Powers of the Mayor - information available
  • Election of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor - information available


  • Gift Policy - examples available
  • Arbitration / Councillor Conduct
  • Budget Processes - co-design commenced
  • Reporting - co-design commenced


  • Councillor Induction training - co-design commenced
  • Conflict of Interest - co-design commenced

The following co-design pieces have commenced:

  • Community Vision
  • Council Plan
  • Financial Plan
  • Revenue & Rating Plan
  • Asset Plans


  • Carrying out works on land
  • Land Information
  • Powers in relation to land
  • Unpaid money


  • Local Laws
  • Financial Management
  • Complaints Policy
  • Beneficial Enterprises


  • CEO employment and remuneration Policy
  • Workforce Plan
  • Staff Code of Conduct
  • Recruitment Policy
  • Procurement Policy

Previous engagement - Stage 1

The following tiles show the engagement that has occurred and the latest information and findings.

Previous engagement - Stage 3

The following tiles show the engagement that has occurred and the latest information and findings

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