The Australian Government’s Off-farm Efficiency Program has made $1.54 billion in funding available for efficiency measures. The Murray Darling Basin Plan requires that all efficiency measures that recover additional water for the environment be assessed to ensure compliance with the socio-economic criteria (PDF, 295 KB) agreed to by Basin Ministers to protect communities from further socio-economic impacts of water recovery.

The key elements of the socio-economic assessment criteria are:

  • the validity of water savings
  • potential impacts on water market and water prices
  • engagement with community and industry leaders
  • future viability of proponent businesses and irrigation districts
  • expected socio-economic, environmental, social and cultural outcomes
  • impacts on local community, region or state
  • improvements to business and community resilience to climate variability and drought

The opportunity for public comment is a key component of the state-led socio-economic assessment of projects. The Victorian Government must take the views of the public into account when assessing water efficiency projects against the agreed socio-economic criteria.

The Victorian Minister for Water has said that she will only sign-off on projects that meet the agreed criteria and have had community input.

The Lower Murray Water (LMW) Water Efficiency Project presents an opportunity to recover water for the environment and prevent further buybacks, deliver water for Traditional Owners and improve urban water security for Mallee towns.

LMW has prepared an assessment of the expected socio-economic outcomes of the LMW Water Efficiency Project which includes a summary of stakeholder consultation undertaken during project development.

We encourage you to read these papers and welcome your feedback on the expected socio-economic outcomes of the project. We have prepared a set of questions to help us gather relevant information from you. You can also make a written submission, which can be uploaded at the bottom of this page.

Submissions we receive will be shared with LMW and posted publicly on the project page (excluding personal details). Please do not provide personal or identifying information in a submission unless it is necessary to do so.

For more information about Victoria’s socio-economic assessment process visit our website https://www.water.vic.gov.au/mdb/mdbp/commonwealth...

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