The Lindsay Island Floodplain Restoration Project and Wallpolla Floodplain Restoration Project form part of the Victorian Murray Floodplain Restoration Project (VMFRP). The VMFRP consists of nine discrete environmental works projects. The projects propose works to restore a more natural inundation regime to the Murray River to achieve specific ecological conditions.

The projects propose works to improve ecological condition across approximately 5,289 hectares at Lindsay Island and Lake Wallawalla and across 2,672 ha at Wallpolla Island. The proposed works include the following key components:

  • Large and small regulators;
  • Containment structures;
  • Drop structures;
  • Temporary cofferdams;
  • Spillways;
  • Culverts;
  • Pump suction line;
  • Hardstand areas;
  • New access tracks and realignment/upgrades to existing access tracks; and
  • Borrow pit sites to supply fill material to support construction.

How to participate

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Next steps

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