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From the start of Term 2, Victoria’s school system transformed itself to enable children and young people to undertake remote and flexible learning. Across the state, school leaders, teachers, families, students, and others that support them adopted new approaches to ensure the best possible outcomes within difficult circumstances. There were plenty of challenges, but also many successes.

Your feedback is sought to understand what lessons were learned during remote and flexible learning, and the challenges or opportunities to consider for strengthening the future of school education in Victoria.

This complements an independent analysis being undertaken across the government, independent and Catholic school sectors, and a summit to be held in late 2020 with students, school leaders and peak associations.

Share your experiences to support the Victorian education system to continue to produce excellence, reduce the impact of disadvantage, and ensure the wellbeing of children and young people.

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Consent notice

This consent notice outlines how personal information will be collected and used as part of the Lessons from Remote and Flexible Learning Consultation (the Consultation).

The Victorian Government is seeking the perspectives of organisations, educators, parents/carers, and members of the community on their experiences of the period of remote and flexible learning for school-aged students during April – June 2020, to identify opportunities to strengthen school education in Victoria.

The information gathered will be used to inform the discussion at the Lessons from Remote and Flexible Learning Summit (the Summit) and to assist the Department of Education and Training (the Department) to identify opportunities to strengthen school education in Victoria.

All questions are optional, and you may elect to leave any question unanswered. This gives you the option to make your submission anonymously.

Any personal, health and sensitive information submitted with your online submissions, as part of the Consultation, will be handled in accordance with the Privacy Data and Protection Act 2014 (Vic) (the PDP Act), the Health Records Act 2001 (Vic) (the HR Act) and the Public Records Act 1973 (Vic).

The information you provide, and your online submission, will be provided to Department staff involved in administering this Consultation, which includes the School Improvement Strategy Team and other Department staff providing support for the Consultation. Your online submissions will be used to inform a summary report resulting from the Consultation and potential recommendations for strengthening Victorian education.

Stakeholder/respondent type and postcode or LGA will be published as de-identified and aggregated data. Free text responses from your online submission will be de-identified and may also be selected for inclusion in the summary report. Alternatively, free text responses from your online submission, subject to your consent, may be quoted and attributed to you in the summary report.

The Department will be using an external consultant, Learning First, (the Consultant) to collate and analyse the online submissions to prepare the summary report on the Consultation. The Consultant will be provided with the submissions for the purposes of creating the report. The report will be provided to the Deputy Premier, the attendees at the Summit and may be made publicly available on the Department’s website.

Please note, for all online submissions made prior to 19 June 2020, submissions were provided in a de-identified format to the Consultant. All submissions made on or after 19 June 2020 will be provided to the Consultant in their original format and in accordance with this consent notice.

The information will be stored in New South Wales and Victoria. The Consultant is bound in their use of data by a professional services contract, which provides for IP protection, treatment of confidential information, and adherence to privacy principles (under the PDP Act and the HR Act).

Information collected will be used for the purposes of the Consultation or where otherwise permitted by law. The information collected may also be used by the Department for further monitoring and research purposes, and to inform decision making, including policy changes, relating to the improvement of education in Victoria.

You may choose to provide your email address by using the ‘Register for updates’ form. This information will not be associated with the survey submissions. By providing your email address, you authorise the Department to collect and use it for the purpose of updating you about the Consultation.

You can request access and correction of your information by contacting the School Improvement Strategy Team at

For more information, please see the Department of Education and Training's Information Privacy Policy.